• Final felling

    Felling is an exceptional economic opportunity for forest owners.

Clear cutting is the most common felling method in Sweden.

When deciding to harvest in Sweden, the most common method is to harvest the majority of trees in a given area, this is called clear cutting. It’s a method that works well in our cold climate and mimics the natural life cycle of a forest. The life cycle of a forest is approximately 80 years without human intervention, where factors such as climate and forest fires give way for a new generation of trees. Luckily for us, clear cutting is the most effective and economical method for felling. Different types of land require different felling methods. Our experienced Raw Material Purchasers can help you decide which method is most suitable for your land.


When you decide to fell, it’s important to make a decision to regrow. It’s important that regrowth takes place directly after felling. Make sure to save captial and plan for regrowth when you are planing to fell. You can read more about regrowth here: Planting