Distribution planner

Bild på Anna Nyberg, distributionsplanerare på Stenvalls Trä

Anna Nyberg

Profession: Distribution planner Stenvalls Trä
Area of responsibility: All plants
Residence: Piteå
Family: I live with my partner Anton, my son Felix and daughter Kelly
Hobbies: Interior design, motorsport such as snowmobile, motorcross and sewing of clothes
Motto: Everything will be fine
What drives me: To spend time outdoors in the nature and be with my family

Tell us about an average day at Stenvalls Trä
My day usually starts with inpsecting the orders and corresponding paperwork of the day. Depending on the order i'll add it to the system and i'll book transports for the orders. Since we have several plants i'll look through their orders individually and check if there is any need for transports. A lot of my time goes into planning my work strategically. We work in close relation with all our forwarders and all our sellers at our different plants

What do you like most about your job?
Since my role requires planning and strategically thinking it fits me very well. This job allows for great internal and external networking which i enjoy a lot.

- I started working at Stenvalls Trä in September 2015. An acquaintance of mine told me about Stenvalls Trä and i put in a spontaneous application. This led to my first position as as a financial administratör.