• Raw material

The forest – our raw materials, that grows slowly with a very fine tree structure needs to be treated carefully.

It is important that we do it right from the outset. The customer, through their demands on the structure of the timber, should be able to influence the qualities of their products in the forest. Our pine and spruce, which on our latitudes have usually grown well over a 100 years, , have a large share of sound knots, a high heartwood content and are ideally suited for those customers who place high demands on their timber.

Our machine park is equipped with modern technology to provide the conditions to produce the right timber dimensions in the right lengths and quality in relation to the orders that form the basis of logging.

Stenvalls Trä AB has its own purchasing organisation in Norrbotten and Västerbotten. Private contractors with extensive experience manage logging. The contractors we engage are trained in nature conservation, so-called green card, in order to fulfil the requirements set out in the Swedish Forestry Act.

We use evaluation and map software to make our raw material purchases as good and accurate as possible for all parties. We draw up compartment directives so that important information can easily be sent to the harvesting contractor. They also have GPS in their harvesters to support the logging work.

The machines we have available include stand-operating thinning harvesters that perform the 1st thinning and possibly light final felling, medium-size harvesters that perform 2nd thinning and final felling. The machines can either perform mechanised sowing and ground preparations for planting to ensure good reforestation, depending on the agreement with the landowner.