Roofing boards

Our tongue and groove roofing boards gives protection and durability.

Stenvalls roofing boards increases safety, reduces working hours, and minimizes costs for roof building.
Statistics show that you save 70 hours for each 1000 sqm installed.

Our roofing boards have a high quality and their excellent mounting possibilities have made us a leader in the Swedish market for roof paneling. The roofing boards are made of tongue and groove panels with staples and nails in the sides and glue in the end. The panel is safe to walk on.


20 x 540 x 4800/4200/3600/2400
23 x 540 x 4800/4200/3600/2400



Typgodkännande råsponttakluckor


For inquires or orders, please contact our sales depratment

0911-25 10 00

Portrait of our salesperson Lars-Erik Pettersson, standing infront of packages of sawn wood.

Lars-Erik Pettersson

Responsible salesperson for roofing boards
Tel: 070 - 184 10 60
Mail: Lars-Erik Pettersson