Business concept and vision

Business concept

We aim to manufacture highly processed timber products that conform to our customers requirements with respect to function and overall economy.



We process the entire log, our aim is to produce more finished products and in doing so increase and secure market share.



We shall have effective and stable production plants. The management of Stenvalls Trä are continuously working with keeping the spirits and passion of our work and the joy of our daily tasks flourishing. As well as maintaining a positive working envoirement. We strive for great customer service, conscientiousness in our work, with the goal to succssed in our tasks in a humble way.

We shall dare to go our own way to support the how Stenvalls Trä is run and how we act towards our markets.

Our ambition is to always do the right things right, thats when we will gain profitability, which makes us both strong and forward-looking.

In everything we do, ninety precent of our succsess comes from job well done.