• About Stenvalls Trä

Stenvalls Trä AB is a family-owned company with its roots in Sikfors since 1947. Today the company is owned by children of the founders Elof and Inger Stenvall. The owners today are Anna Flink, Sven and Folke Stenvall. The company has manufacturing plants in Sikfors, Piteå, Luleå, Örarna and Seskarö. We have 199 employees and the annual turnover is 1 billion SEK. The annual production turnover are 400 000 m3 of sawn wood and 75 % gets further processed to our customers. You can find our customers all over the globe, for example in Japan and in all of Europe with the Nordic countries being our biggest market.

All the siblings have been involved in the company since childhood, their passion for the company has turned it into one of the most advanced facilities in Sweden for timber processing with very high processing. Our leadership philosophy and the corporate culture of the company are based on personal responsibility, dedication, drive and co-operation. The company is organized to ensure short and fast decision-making paths, facilitating effective and flexible management. All staff are dedicated, knowledgeable, see the big picture and take their share of responsibility, which generates a quality that benefits our customers.
The siblings safeguard their interests, customers, employees and our community. We continuously invest for the future and work for the long-term success of our business.

The company values commitment, knowledge, expertise and drive.

For us the Customer is central, when all our customers are happy so are we and no customer should feel indifferently treated.

It is the needs and demands of our customers that are important.
Stenvalls is based on a strong set of values. It is our values and standards that determine our actions. It is also in our values that we find strength, resolve and confidence that everything will work out. We see the possibilities.

 – We dare to go our own way and are always looking for new experiences. We take pride in our work.

Job satisfaction – Passion is an important part of our work and seeing results is what drives us.

Drive – Critical desicions are taken daily and we strive to deliver what we promise. Communication and accsessibility are the key to ensure that everything is done correctly.

Competence – Continuing to develop and expand our knowledge to prosper as a company is our way to continuously improve.

Authenticity – Honesty, transparency and accountability is what we stand for.


Business concept

We shall manufacture highly processed timber products that conform to our customer requirements with respect to function and overall economy.



We process the entire log, our aim is to produce more finished products and in doing so increase and secure our market shares.



The company is the parent company in a Group with the wholly owned subsidiaries:

  • Stenvalls Skogar AB, ownership and management of forest properties
  • Klubbgärdet Fastighets AB, ownership and management of real estate
  • XL Bygg Stenvalls AB, DIY stores
    In LuleåKalixPajalaKirunaSkellefteå and Umeå
  • Kallax Flyg AB, aviation and travel business
  • Genesis IT AB, subsidiary 64%  IT and security services.