In 1947, Elof Stenvall started a carpentry workshop with his brother, manufacturing sledges and timber carriers. Manufacturing developed quickly and came to include skis, kitchen fittings, windows, furniture and doors. They then started a sawmill in order to provide raw materials for the carpentry workshop. Operations grew and in 1955, Elof and Inger Stenvall took over sole responsibility for the company. In 1983 the development of the company resulted in Stenvalls Trä AB becoming an out-and-out sawmill specialising in further processing. Elof lived by the principle that you should always do your best and be satisfied with that, simplicity was another principle, simplicity in the way of being, simplicity gives strength. A third principle was thrift, not to waste resources and the fourth was to work according to your own beliefs. Go your own way. These values live on in our company today.

Elof Stenvall, b June 30, 1917 † July 5, 2009


    • 1947 Company established
    • 1989 Generation change
    • 1990-2000 Big investments in the production plant Sikfors
    • 1993 Acquisition Bergnäset, Luleå
    • 2010 Acquisition Lövholmen, Piteå
    • 2012 Investments sawmill Lövholmen
    • 2013 Acquisition Örarna, Luleå
    • 2015 Acquisition Seskarö, Haparanda