• Production

Highly processed wood products are produced in our order-driven production to some of the Worlds most demanding customers.

A Picture of our engineer Johanna looking at a monitor with x-ray pictures of logs

XRay at Stenvalls Trä Sikfors

At the mill in Sikfors we have a log XRay that helps us find the inner qualities of the log at the log sorting. With the help of the XRay we can find customer specific products in the log before it's been de-barked using properties such as knot type, annual rings and heart wood. An x-ray machine was also installed at Lövholmen in 2018.

Picture from our painting line at Örarna

Painting line

At our establishment in Örarna we specialize in painting of outer panels in many varieties according to our customers needs. To keep the quality consistent we let the panels dry carefully between every layer of paint. To guarantee an optimal result we only use high quality colors and components from trusted sources.

Finding the right end product before felling?

During the month of June we started a test run of timber logs that are a part of a project called MRR which stands for More Right Raw Material in Swedish.