• Sales & logistics

Sales and Logistics

We are keenly aware and interested in the needs of our customers. We have an extensive range of timber products both pine and spruce, and can produce many different types of products. We produce and sell planed and sawn timber. A large part of production consists of processed timber products that we sort by quality, often cut and planed to our customers’ specifications. The quality of our raw materials and the forest here in the north is very well suited to demanding customers working in the window, furniture and stair industries, who account for a large part of our customer base. Timber products to the building trade in different countries are another important part of our range.


Our customers are mainly based in the following countries:

Sweden, Norway, England, Japan, Denmark, Greece, Cyprus, Ireland, Holland, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Estonia, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Egypt.


Logistics involve the right product being in the right place at the right time at an acceptable cost.

In order to be able to deliver the goods as quickly and cost effectively as possible, we work closely together with local road carriers, which mainly run in the surrounding district and with external shipping and carrier companies delivering to other locations.

Deliveries are made directly from our sawmill to our customers in Sweden, Europe and the rest of the world by road, rail and sea.

We can facilitate effective planning and short delivery times through close cooperation and good contacts with shipping companies and carriers.