• Fertilization

    By fertilizing your forest, you will increase the rate of growth which results in a higher ecnomical value for the forest owners.

Fertilizing your forest is not only good for you, it’s also good for the climate!

The growth can increase with up to 20 cubic meters, that’s an annual return on the investment of 10-15% the whole time the fertilization lasts. The increased growth in turn makes it possible for the trees to bind more carbon dioxide, up to 20 tonnes more per hectare.

The economical return of the investment can be seen as quickly as after ten years. Fertilization yields the best results in softwood forests of an average to old age.

When fertilizing your forest it’s important to keep a tight control of the growth quality. We can help you with for example Thinning and Clearing.

When fertilizing you need to have all the correct papers and licences. Our Raw Material Purchasers can help you with all you need to know!


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