Show care for your forest with us!

We push the boundries for resourceful felling, and therefore we can gain adaptable wood from our fellings.

Valuable fellings

With the Stenvalls model, we are able to produce more lumber and less pulpwood. A profitable solution for forest owners and sawmills.

More lumber

Stenvalls small log lines allow us to produce more sawn wood which otherwise would have become pulpwood.

Traditional felling methods have a strict line between normal production timber and pulpwood. Further processing of lumber is the core of our business. By processing as much timber as possible, we favour both the environment and our customers. Our goal is to extract as much materials as possible from every felling, which is benefiting for the entire industry.

In order to reach our goal, we have pushed the boundries for pulpwood and we have erected small log lines in all our plants and our production plant at Lövholmen is a fully dedicated small log sawmill. All of this allows us to process smaller logs, which helps produce specialized products for our customers. Planks and boards of the highest quality are processed in our own plants and at our subcontractors, or shipped out to specialized customers all over the world. Parts of the log that does not get processed to a finished product will be used to create wood pellets and planer shavings aswell as fuel to run our furnaces for at wood drying stations.

Our experienced wood purchasers help you from start to finish

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