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We have many different job roles, at this page you can read more about each one of them


An operator at Stenvalls Trä is responsible for the daily production and quality control of our products. We have several operators throughout our production lines working with different machines and equipment, some of the tasks they carry are planing, packaging, sorting, cutting and adjusting material.


Forklift Driver

Our forklift drivers works closely by our production and takes care of the logistics at the production plant. Some of the tasks they carry out are loading and unloading of products, they also make sure that each producing area at the plant has their needed raw material. Together with the marketing department they create and send orders to our customers.


Distribution Planner

Together with the sales and production planning department the administrators work with the daily incoming orders from our customers and invoicing. Our administators have a wide variety of tasks and is a part of every step from customer order to the delivery of the products. Logistics, customer service and managing contracts and documents are also a part of the daily jobs as an Distribution Planner at Stenvalls Trä.

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A salesperson at Stenvalls Trä AB manages the incoming customer orders. With a good relation to our customers the salesperson helps finding the suitable products that meet our customers demands. Managing orders and negotiate with new and existing customers are a party of the daily tasks. Together with the production planning and distributions department they create and track customer orders and their progress. Visiting customers and inviting them to visit Stenvalls Trä is also a part of the role.


Production coordinator

In our production we have coordinators for each group of operators. As a coordinator you are also an operator but with more managing responsibilities, the managing of personnel is a part of the job. Many of our coordinators have worked with us for a long time and therefore have gained a wide expertise in the field.



A Supervisor in our production works as a operator with extra responsibilities, these tasks can wary depending on  where the Supervisor is located. Some of the responsibilities are purchasing of spare parts, controlling the need of material at the station and to report to the maintenance manager.


Production Planner

Every package of products that we create has been through a process of planning, managing and logistic. Our Product planners make sure that we use our raw material the right way so that we can produce with high efficiency. Together with the distribution planners and the sales personnel  they plan which material that will be used and when it will be put in production for our customer orders.

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The Receptionist manage our switchboard and our info mail, they also manage and sort all incoming post to our offices. In Sikfors where we offer to sell products diretcly at the plant it is the receptionist that takes care of the customer and helps them with their purchase.



Some parts of our production is running at all times and we have a variety of both old and new machines, our mechanics controls and repairs our equipment. Our Operators are often the first ones to notice any problem during production they work closely with our mechanics and contact them when the equipment or machines need repairs.



The economy department is located at Lövholmen.  Evaluations and analysis of economic results aswell as control customer and account distributions is a daily task of our economists. Economists works closely with our distribution planners where they work with matters concerning customers, accounting and payment.


Development Engineer

You work with projects regarding new investements and startups of technical equipment and machines. A big part of the role involves coordination of projects and to make sure the project moves forward. We have many ongoing projects  at Stenvalls with more planned for the future in areas such as measurements and x-ray, all of these tasks makes the daily job for a development engineer a job full of varities and excitement.


Production Manager

Responsible for maintaining a steady production is the job of our Production Managers. Our managers work in close relation with their personnel aswell as the operators in regards to the productions. We have weekly meetings between production planners and sellers to ensure that every production is well suited for our customers. Productions Managers are also a part of our hiring process to make sure we find the right qualified people for our productions.


Raw Materials Purchaser

Ensure that we acquire raw materials for our production plants. Our Raw Materials Purchasers has a important role in the company as our production depends on them. A working day consists of negotiations and trades with forest owners, aswell as planning and economic analysis of the market.


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