Production planner

Bild på Patrik Karlsson, produktionsplanerare på Stenvalls Trä

Patrik Karlsson

Profession: Production planer at Stenvalls Trä
Area of responsibility Sikfors
Residence: Piteå
Family: A wife and two kids as well as my dog Hubbe
Hobbies: I like to work out and i usually run or play badminton, spend time with my family
Motto: Everything will be fine
What drives me: A tough workout

Tell us about an average working day for you at Stenvalls Trä
I start my day by checking the orders from the previous day, making sure that everything was delivered out correctly. I follow that up with invoicing the deliveries and start to plan for upcoming deliveries. This entails managing and taking inventory so as to plan the upcoming orders in the most efficient way possible. During weekly department meetings we discuss and plan the order of production and delivery, control of production flow and communications with our agents and forwarders is a major part of the workload. Most of the products are delivered by trailer and boat.

What do you like the most about your job?
Well, it's a very exciting job. The oppurtunities to develop, as well as taking responsibility, are tremendous. I enjoy that we have such a huge drive and how quickly decisions are made is also enjoyable. No working day is the other alike!

- I started working at Stenvalls Trä in may 2013. Before working at Stenvalls i had a job which kept me away from home due to work related travels and i wanted to start work closer to my home. I had known about Stenvalls Trä since before working there and i thought it seemd interesting. One interview later and i started with my first position as a forklift driver.